Friday, November 20, 2009


I have often felt that we have always confused God with religion. Religion is the path that leads to God.  Do we all really understand this statement? Of course we think we do. But it is very deep to be just be mere a statement.
Now let me pen down my understanding….
The statement that "Religion is the path to God" clearly defines the Religion merely as a path and God as the goal. Have we ever given a thought about it or thought about it sincerely? Secondly, what is our aim ....Religion or God?  I think it is not that a simple question. If it was, there would have not been all this bloodshed in the name of Religion and God and our history of mankind supports my logic.  Here first and foremost let me accept and stress over the fact that  i believe firmly in GOD. This faith was not inoculated to me by my parents, society or peers. This faith was earned over a period of time. Now just ponder over some facts such as what do u think of God (please think for a while…). God whom we call omnipotence and believe in his omnipresence and almightiness. There are certainly many who question this belief on its face value. I have formulated my belief on borrowed knowledge, that little knowledge which I have gathered over a period of time which has given me a rational approach in thinking and putting things logically to answer all such questions. Well I cannot blame others who don’t believe in such kind of thought because of some other reasons. Neither I question why somebody keep visiting temples, mosque, church nor other places related to God presence. Similarly keeping fast and evolving one in ritual practices. I don’t consider these things to be wrong but may be their way of realizing the presence of God in their own way.  Probably everybody is right in their own way. The reasons may be beyond their knowledge and they might have their own way of thinking and taking things logically in some other way.  I still remember “When I was a kid and was highly scared of things like ghosts, witches and demons .My mother seeing all this introduced me to Lord Hanuman- the most powerful of all the Hindu gods "Bhoot Pishaach Nikat Nahin Away , Mahavir Jab Naam Sunaway". So at time when other kids hardly uttered Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, I was rhyming whole of the Hanuman Chalisa, which is by heart to me till date .The best thing that happened was... it helped. Now that I was under care and cover of my Lord Hanuman I was afraid no more (it works… this is my belief). I knew my lord was more powerful than those evil forces so  they didn’t  scare me no more .But as soon I entered the adolescence  I could not escape the "ORIGINAL SIN"...the sin of the fruit of knowledge and the outcome was that I started questioning my faith . Whenever I asked to an elder, I was told that even questioning the faith would take me away from God. But I was not convinced. If God wanted me not to question things why did he provide me with this gift of 'thought process' which we call cognitive intelligence? I felt my God wanted me to think and find out answer for myself. So it is not that my faith got stronger if I question it and try to see logic in it rather than not questioning at all? So for these few years of my early adolescence I had a tormented soul ....haunted by these questions .The time when a guy is preoccupied with opposite sex and pimples, I had an additional burden of these questions ( apart from what I said…). And so I looked everywhere  to find  my answers  such as  in books , holy scriptures , in talks of the wise and the religious. But nobody convinced me. But one fine day I understood. I understood why I should believe and why I just not have to imagine God but believe in him. This was not because of some big Gyan or Satsang  but  simply over internet while browsing where I  got a  story  written by somebody which changed my thought forever . I accept the fact   that the story answered many of the questions whose answers I was searching for so long. It was story of a man who had this similar problem like mine “in not being able to believe in presence of God" .One day he meets a holy man and he asks him the very same question. "Where is god"? "Please prove to me that god exists". So this holy man replies "ok I will answer you that but first answer me one simple question? Where in your body are you? The man points to his heart and says here ..."Well that is where your heart is, and a few days back I read in papers that a pig’s heart was transplanted in to a human. So is he less human now?” isn’t?....and like this the man pointed to his various organs and the holy man kept on saying that if he lost that part in accident where would he be that part or rest of the body? So finally the man gets frustrated and replies "Well I am here somewhere and everywhere in my body but I cannot tell you where.”Ah!!! My son" the holy man replied," you are very sure you exist but not where .Similar is the thing with God .You can sometimes even feel him but he is not a form you can place". Such a simple explanation for such a complex problem. So now I had a reason to believe because at times I had felt God ....but now I could place his existence in a way. I believe god is the positive form of life and all feelings are GOD. Love, Brotherhood, Care, Concern- all are different forms of God...while on the other spectrum are malice, jealousy, evil etc which forms the Absolute Zero ...the Saitan (evil). So somewhere between lies whom we call, the Humans. The better persons we are closer are we to God. God is not a single form that is controlling everything. God is the soul of the world. A pat on the shoulder, a warm handshake and even a simple smile can be our little step towards him. So to realize the presence of that GOD the best what we can do is to just make things simple and bring a SMILE on others face. This will be the great way to keep ourselves close to Him...

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